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Muuto oak dots in bathroom, available from someday designs

With more than 1 million produced, The Dots have become a true Muuto icon through its characterful and functional expression. The Dots take a playful approach to the conventional coat hook with infinite possibilities for customisation where no two The Dots walls are the same. 

Want to hear more about this design classic? Over to designer Lars Tornøe to tell us the story behind his friendly family of coat hooks.

I wanted to make a mobile with circled pieces of wood in different heights. While working on the sketches, I discovered that it wasn’t a mobile at all—it was a coat hook!” says Lars. 

   muuto the dots oak in production, available from someday designs    muuto the dots oak in production, available from someday designs

Elaborating on the iconic shape of The Dots, Tornøe says, “The Dots are composed of two pieces of wood that have been glued together. They’re put in a lathe and carefully shaped into the final form,” while noting that “the design is shaped so that there’s minimal waste of material.”

The Dots are very versatile and can be used anywhere,
whether it be the living room, a hallway, the kitchen or
the bedroom. You can combine The Dots exactly as you
want. The possibilities are infinite".

The Dots strike the delicate balance of form and function to a high degree, making them a decorative object even when they’re not in use. It gives the design a friendly and playful character that really adds to the atmosphere of any room,” Tornøe ends.

The Muuto Dots coat hooks are not only a simple way to update your interiors and make practical use of your wall space, they also create a stunning design feature in your home. Shop the iconic Muuto Dots in oak at someday designs. 

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