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We understand there is a lot to consider when buying a new sofa. Here at someday, we aim to take away the stress of getting it right with our carefully chosen collection of sofa designs.

There are also practical considerations for such an investment piece and our sofa buying guide is here to help you get it right.  

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  • Measure the size of your space and compare this to the dimensions of your chosen sofa. Use masking tape or newspaper to lay out the size of your sofa. This will help you visualise if you're happy with the size and if it will fit within your room.
  • It's important to make sure that your new sofa will be able to fit through your doors and into place.  Take a look at our Delivery Fit Guide below, which will help you measure up your entranceways.
  • When choosing your fabric, consider the colour scheme, style and amount of light within your room - it's important to see how the natural light changes during the day. We strongly recommend using our free fabric sample service so you can select with confidence.  Once you have your fabric samples, you can assess how the colour and texture works within your space and against existing furniture and accessories.  


We want your sofa to fit! Before placing your order it's important you've checked any potential delivery issues, including access for our delivery vehicles. We also need to understand any likely challenges or constraints prior to your delivery, such as narrow stairs or awkward angles.

Work your way through the below guide - you'll need a tape measure, pen and notebook. 

  • Note down the width, height and depth of your sofa (these can be found in the product description).
  • Measure the width of your front door frame and compare this with the height of your sofa, if the width is greater then the sofa will fit through.  **Please note some of our sofas are delivered with the legs removed so you may take from 8cm to 20cm off the height. Details of this will be clearly stated within the product description**.
  • To ensure your sofa can get into your room of choice, measure the width (at the narrowest point) of any areas your sofa will need to pass through including hallways and internal doors.  Remember to adjust for any possible obstructions such as built in furniture or radiators.  If the widths at the narrowest points are greater than the dimensions of your sofa then it will fit through.
  • Stairs | If our delivery team need to take your sofa up a flight of stairs, please measure the width of the staircase, taking any handrails or ceiling lights into account. If your sofa needs to be lifted over a bannister then also check the distance from the bannister to the ceiling.  There will need to be enough room at the top of the stairs for our delivery team to navigate and steer the sofa into your room of choice.
  • Lift | If your building has a lift make sure to measure the width of the open doors, height and depth of the lift to ensure the sofa will fit.

If you're having trouble and are still unsure, then we'd recommend taking advantage of our access check service.  For an additional fee a trained member of our team will visit your home to measure up, giving you piece of mind before you buy.  Get in touch to find out pricing and further details. 

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someday offers a range of sofa designs to suit simple, modern homes from brands including Muuto, Versus and Ferm Living, as well as our in-house sofas by someday collection. From deep and cosy corners to sleek, timeless classics; all of our sofas are super comfortable, beautiful and designed to last.

For one-to-one guidance on buying one of our sofas, why not give us a call on 020 8305 7265 or email hello@somedaydesigns.co.uk - we know each and every one of our designs inside out! 

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