Storage solutions for an organised home

Storage solutions for an organised home

Perhaps spending more time at home can make you look around and feel slightly overwhelmed at all the DIY jobs you'd like to do and the projects you have on your 'someday' list.  

Personally for us, everyone being at home all the time has made the house feel crowded and we're finding ourselves wanting to declutter and have a Spring clean to help seek some calm amongst the chaos.

Often just sorting through the toys, paperwork or linen can be enough to bring back a feeling of order so here we have a few of our favourite storage solutions to help you have a more organised home.  

Sort smartly
It's important to first consider items that no longer serve a purpose, are broken or you no longer require. Gather these into piles and either give to friends, charity or recycle where you can (take a look at the reuse network to find a local place near you). Once this is completed you know what you need to store and can now find the right home for these things.

Make sure you store items you use everyday at the front of a cupboard or drawer to make them easily accessible and try where possible to make every item visible so you can see them at a glance (rather than needing to rummage and inevitably making more of a mess!) 

Ferm Living Plant Box in cashmere, available from someday designs

Keep a clear hallway
The entrance of your home sets the tone for the rest of your house (check out our separate post on hallway design ideas) and it's a space that can easily become cluttered with shoes, discarded post and clothing.

We recommend a coat rack or hook system for hanging coats and scarves as well as a storage solution for shoes, whether this be a basket, drawer or bench.

For keys and post it's helpful to have a designated home for these too, consider using a shelf, pot or tray so you and others always know where to find them! 

Muuto | The Dots Coat Hooks Set

Hjem | Oland Grid Tray

We Do Wood | Shoe Rack

We Do Wood | Coat Frame

Ferm Living | Hexagon Pot Large

Ferm Living | Pujo Coat Stand


Utilise your wall space with shelving
It may be a case of adding more storage to your walls with some shelves that can not only add a decorative and stylish element to an otherwise blank space, but can also provide a handy new surface to house your favourite books, vases or trinkets. 

Consider the type of shelving and its key purpose. Whether that be a light, floating frame to give a more minimal feel or a more 'boxed' shelf to help lean books or paperwork against.  You may want shelving that also doubles up as a modular system (where you can add and adapt neighbouring shelves) or a style that has 'pockets' to hold and separate your items.

Muuto | Folded Shelves | Medium

Ethnicraft | U Shelf Small

Puik | Duplex Shelf

We Do Wood | Loop Shelf

Ferm Living | Sector Shelf | Triple | Narrow

Ferm Living | Bathroom Shelf


Make it easier to put things away
For items you use daily, a key tip is to use storage solutions with open tops (no lids) so you can easily and quickly hide things away and you can do this stylishly! 

Choose from our Restore baskets which are made from recycled bottles - they have a lovely tactile felt material and are available in 5 colours. These are ideal for storing paperwork, magazines or toys and may fit under your bed or sideboard.  With their cut-out handle they can easily be lifted down or slid out, as and when needed. 

Our Ferm LIVING baskets are also great for storing toys, laundry or linen. With a handy leather handle they are portable too!

Muuto | Restore Basket | Grey

Muuto | Restore Basket | Sand

Muuto | Restore Basket | Yellow

Ferm Living | Triangle Laundry Basket

Ferm Living | Grid Basket

Ferm Living | Grid Laundry Basket

Use multi-functional furniture
We talk about this a lot, but it's always a clever idea to view furniture as a mulit-functional piece.  A bench can be used as a seat or surface, a plant box for herbs or as a drinks tidy or a sideboard for linen and dinnerware.  

Decide whether these units need to be free standing or even wall mounted and always check if they include internal shelving too.

We love the new Ferm LIVING plant box large which can house books, plants or office stationary and with the additional components of a tray and pot (pictured below), it can double up as a seat, extra surface or storage container.

Ferm Living | Plant Box | Large

Ferm Living | Haze Sideboard

Ferm Living | Plant Box | Round

Ferm Living | Haze Vitrine

Ferm Living | Plant Box

Ferm Living | Haze Wall Cabinet

For more inspiration head to our storage & shelving collection


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