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@somedaydesigns.co | scoreboard small
@somedaydesigns.co | scoreboard small
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@somedaydesigns.co | scoreboard small

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scoreboard small

Regular price £98.00

Designed by Sebastian Jørgensen, the scoreboard is a graphical coat rack with endless possibilities. Get creative and decorate it as you wish!  It can be positioned horizontally or vertically depending on your space and with our large or small scoreboard to choose from, it can work individually or as a series offering you multifunctional storage. 

Each scoreboard includes the following 12 pegs with painted edges and different depths: 

4 x 4 cm pegs (2 white, 2 pink),

4 x 8 cm pegs (2 red, 2 steel blue)

4 x 12 cm pegs (2 green, 2 light blue)

Delivery lead time 2-3 days.

Dimensions: W 170 x H 360mm (if positioned vertically)

moso bamboo and mdf