muuto fiber armchair tube base black / black
muuto fiber armchair tube base white / white
muuto fiber armchair tube base grey / grey
muuto fibre armchair tube base dusty green / dusty green
muuto fiber armchair tube base dining lifestyle setting


fiber armchair | tube base

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Designed by Iskos-Berlin for Danish brand Muuto, the Fiber Armchair balances maximum comfort with minimum space.

Its iconic form marries soft, embracing curves with an environmentally friendly bio-composite material that includes 25% wood fibres, giving the armchair a distinctive tactile texture whilst also keeping it 100% recyclable.

From a distance, the shell appears to be normal smooth plastic, however, when viewed up close the tiny pieces of the wooden fibres become apparent, giving the chair a whole new character.

Integrated in one harmonious shell, the Fiber Amrchair is perfect for nesting yourself into. 

Available in black/black, grey/grey, white/white, dusty green/dusty green.

Delivery lead time 4-6 weeks

Dimensions: W 54.5cm x H 76cm x D 55cm

Seat height 45.5cm

Arm height 67.5cm

Material: shell in plastic composition with wood fibres. Tube base in powder coated steel.

(other configurations and colour combinations can be ordered, get in touch to find out more)