Our top interior trend predictions for 2019

Happy New Year to you all!
We thought we'd kickstart the year with our top interior trend predictions for 2019.
Whilst we're not key trend followers per-se (and would rather invest in pieces we love and will last) it's always interesting to take a look at what styles, silhouettes and colours will be shaping the interior scene during the months ahead.

Beige as a key colour

Historically used un-creatively and best known as rather bland. Well this is no longer the case and the colour beige is set to be seen as a go-to colour this year.  It's easy to see why with its warm tones, opportunities for texture (think wicker, wool, earthenware, timber..) and a great neutral hue adding a calming and relaxing feel to any space.  

Looks great teamed with soft pinks, forest greens, blues and chocolatey browns.  Move over hard whites and cool greys; this is more about warm nude colours, taupes and mushroom tones.

turn day bed ferm living



below: turn day bed, case pendant, ease loop rug, pouf round smallralph throw, mingle cushion, fiber lounge chair

turn day bed ferm livingcase pendant naturalease loop rug ferm livingklippan ralph throw beige

mingle cusion muutofiber lounge chair muuto


Seventies style

On the opposite end of the beige and neutral spectrum we have the 70's vibe of eye catching colour and pattern - here to please the interior-fearless and bravely bold! With a more clean and modern take than the original era, this trend is all about graphic prints, clean shapes and playful colours - stick to walnut, terracotta, mustards, and teals.

toppu pot



below: material pendant, feathers blankettoppu pot, lavitta lounge chairborders rug, counter balance coffee table, quilt cushion

terracotta material pendantfeathers blanket klippanmerge rug ferm livingtoppu pot teallavitta lounge chair by poiat

counter balance coffee table content by terence conranquilt cushion rust ferm living


Moving on from the 70's style, but still with a playful nod to this decade, we see the introduction of softening curves and rounded edges to furniture and interior accessories. 

This trend has been simmering on the radar for some time now with the popularity  of architectural arches, round mirrors and the new curvaceous form seen on bedheads and sofas.  

Take a look at our muna sofa as a great example or the latest products from ferm living with the launch of their striking rico sofaround mingle table and sculptured insert side table

ferm living rico sofa, available to buy from someday designs


below: rico 3 seater sofafiber lounge chairinsert side table, ambit pendant, muna sofaunfold divider,  round plantbox

fiber armchair muutoinsert side table

muna sofaambit pendant

round planter ferm living  unfold divider ferm living

Black metal

Not exactly a new trend, but it very much continues to be the metal of the moment and overtaking copper and brass when it comes to accent pieces.  The use of black can add both a modern and dramatic edge to your space.

loft chair by muuto


below: pujo coat rackpujo wall table, arum wall lamploft chairtoilet roll holderpoise oval mirrorbathroom shelf

pujo wall tableloft chair by muutobathroom shelf by ferm livingpoise oval mirrortoilet paper holder ferm living



Set to stay and a great way to add a touch of luxury and opulence to your home.  This fabric choice works particularly well when upholstered in rich, deep tones see our pouf series which nails the curvy and velvet trend in one!

pouf series by ferm living


below clockwise: oval pouf, round pouf, small round poufsmall pouf

oval pouf ferm livinground pouf ferm living

small pouf ferm living


Sustainability - the ethical choice

More of a movement than a trend as the use of sustainable and ethical materials in our homes continues to be prevalent with consumers making more considered choices about where and what products are made from.  Here's a selection of product highlights from our shop which are kind to the planet and responsibly sourced.

grain pendant muuto



below: scoreboard, small marble table, samba throw, nomad chair, grain pendant, button stool.

scoreboard we do woodmarble table ferm livingnomad chair we do woodsamba throw klippan

button stoolgrain pendant muuto


The organised home

With the growing trend of minimal living and conscious shopping it's not surprising then that we want to take a more considered approach to how we display and store these treasured pieces in our homes.  Seen by us as more of a lifestyle trend that is set to shape our homes and how we use our space.  With the introduction of the popular KonMari method from Marie Kondo (if you haven't checked this out then do so now!) never has an organised home brought so much joy!  

January is often synonymous with decluttering and bringing some order to the year ahead so to get you started, check out our storage and shelving category or shop some of our fav pieces below...

scoreboard, shoe rack, button stool we do wood


below: restore basket, haze vitrine, coat frame, loop shelf, grid laundry basket, u shelf 

restore basket muuto haze vitrine ferm living

loop shelf we do woodcoat frame we do woodu shelf whitegrid laundry basket


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