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Choosing a sofa is an investment and takes thought and time. What do you want from your new sofa? Will it be where the family gather after a long day? Will it need to accommodate and welcome guests? Here Oslo-based Anderssen & Voll, the design duo behind Muuto’s sofa collections (pictured here on their iconic Outline sofa) share what to consider and look for when choosing a sofa.

sofa buying guide

Anderssen & Voll suggest that you start by deciding on the right size for you sofa and consider how easily it will fit in your home and whether it will complement your interior style.

“Since the sofa should serve as ‘the heart of your home’, it shouldn’t steal all the visual attention within the space but rather complement the atmosphere through its functional and aesthetic character.”

Once you have settled on the desired size of your sofa, narrow your search down to a style. Anderssen & Voll suggest, “The best place to begin the search is to consider which features and functions the sofa should serve—do you need it to be a sculptural, architectural element, a timeless yet elegant piece or perhaps a large and welcoming design? The sofa should be aesthetically pleasing, in line with your personal style while having the formal features and functions that you need within the given space."

"Narrowed down, what should influence the choice of upholstery is a combination of taste, lifestyle and use of space."

Having chosen your desired style, next you need to consider your upholstery choice. Should it be upholstered in a classic and colourful fabric or in an elegant, timeless leather? Anderssen & Voll add, “Just like choosing the right sofa style, you should consider where the sofa will be used before choosing its upholstery. A woollen upholstery is a robust and durable textile while adding warmth and cosiness to the design. Leather does not wear out, but ages well and develops a patina with wear and tear, giving the sofa a unique and timeless look.

Here at someday we know there is a lot to consider when buying your new sofa, but don't worry we've got you covered. You can get more tips and advice in our sofa buying guide.

The Muuto sofa collections

When designing a sofa, we make use of two different approaches—the sofa is either designed as a sculptural object or as an architectural design piece”, Anderssen and Voll explain, adding “The sofas we have designed for Muuto are quite different in their style and use of function with a sofa for every taste, need and space."

elegant simplicity
in situ modular sofas

The In Situ modular sofa by Muuto creates the perfect setting for lounging with deep comfort and a soft seat. Its modular elements are hidden through the subtle detailing of its steel frame, allowing it to be tailored to suit your space.

Anderssen & Voll comment, “The In Situ Modular Sofa combines the grandeur of traditional Italian sofas with the refined simplicity of Scandinavian design, making it the heart of any space.”

They add, "We wanted In Situ to be a sofa that could scale up and down in size, so it would feel like a really nice 2-seater but could also grow to be a super big sofa landscape.”

ultimate lounging
connect soft modular sofas

A versatile modular design by Muuto - choose from our pre-configured designs or create your own using the 9 different modules. Elegant seams and small discreet feet create a sense of lightness and an ultra soft seat adds inviting comfort that will get even softer over time.

Anderssen & Voll add, "Designed with a deep, low seat, loose upholstery and an inherently soft filling, the Muuto Connect Soft Modular Sofa is at once elegant and contemporary."

a modern classic
outline sofas

Blending simplicity and function, the Muuto Outline Sofa family brings a new perspective to the classic Mid Century Scandinavian design sofas with curved armrests and clean lines. With a deep seat and soft cushions, Outline is compact and elegant yet roomy and functional.

Anderssen & Voll add, “The identity of the Outline Sofa is its unique functionality—it works well in both the small Studio format and the grand corner design. You can place in a spacious living room or a small apartment while having a sofa that is at once elegant yet timeless, whether it be upholstered in a colourful textile or an elegant leather finish.”

connect modular sofas

The Muuto Connect modular sofa has clean and elegant lines alongside architectural corners that will bring character to any space. The small, barely visible feet give the sofa a hovering, light appearance. With 11 different modules, you can customise your sofa to your exact spatial and style needs.

“The design of the Connect sofa shows a precise attention to details and has architectural principles derived from modernism.”, add Anderssen & Voll.

roomy & refined
rest sofas

Designed with comfort and modern family homes in mind, the Rest sofa is both roomy in its seat yet refined in its design. It will bring a welcoming and soft look to any space with its simple, friendly lines. The Rest collection maintains the timeless elegance of Scandinavian design with a sturdy, deep frame and seat and solid oak legs.

Anderssen & Voll say, “Rest is best characterised by the textile cover—loosely fitted to the generous and comfortable volume. We also put a lot of work into the wooden base which we think of as being very Scandinavian in its expression”.


Anderssen & Voll is a Norwegian design duo, founded by Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll and based in Oslo. The pair have been named both Norwegian and Scandinavian Designers of the Year and have received numerous international awards and recognition for their furniture design work.

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