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How to decide on the best sofa for you and your space? There is a lot to consider when buying your sofa, so our founder Emily Mayne (pictured here on the stunning ferm LIVING Catena sofa!) is here to help you get it right with her complete guide to buying a new sofa.

sofa buying guide


Choosing the right sofa for your space

Sofas come in all shapes and sizes so to decide which is best for your space you first need to get the tape measure out! This is one of the most important steps. You need to understand the space you have to ensure your sofa fits.

Using your tape measure, measure the length, height and depth of the sofa and compare this to the size of your shortlisted sofas. You'll find the sofa dimensions in our product description or product factsheets. Take into account any existing furniture that will sit alongside the sofa (e.g. side tables, floor lamps, radiators or plants) to ensure there is room for these too.

It's also important to make sure that your new sofa will be able to fit through your door and into place.  Take a look at our Delivery Fit Guide, which will help you measure up your entranceways.

TIP: Clear the area where the sofa will go and lay out either newspaper or boxes/packaging - the latter is a great way to see the ‘volume’ of the space your sofa takes up. This is a great way to help you visualise how the sofa might look and whether it will fit in the space.


Which sofa suits my style and space?

Whether you’re buying a sofa for your city apartment, a family home or country house you’ll need to think about which style suits you as well as the functions to be served by the room, your lifestyle and day-to-day needs. Here are the most popular sofa styles to consider.

modular sofas

A modular sofa is built from single component sections that can be combined together to create a configuration that is individual to you.

Whether this be a small 2 seater with a chaise end or a large L-shaped corner group, a modular sofa could be the ideal solution - especially if you have entranceway restrictions to consider too as they arrive in separate boxes.  The possibilities are endless and flexible - a modular sofa can grow/reduce with you as your needs change.

a design classic
mid century sofas

Mid Century sofas generally have a ‘floating frame’ (where the base does not reach the floor) paired with a tapered wooden leg, giving the room more sense of space.

These sofas often feature a curved back detail or a more simple bench-like seat that offers comfort as well as a more minimal aesthetic.  With a timeless form, they are ideal in both a traditional or modern home as the design can suit either style.  

modern sofas

If your style preference is more contemporary and minimal then you may wish to consider a modern sofa.  Designed with comfort and style in mind, these sofas can range from straight lines, low seating, organic shapes - often with a nod to Scandinavian and Japanese design influences - delivering a real statement piece in your home.  

TIP: Go with your heart on the sofa style, rather than being tied to trends. A sofa should reflect your style and be a piece of furniture you will love for years to come.


Which type of sofa should I choose?

There are lots of types of sofas out there, whether that be a 2 seater, 3 seater, corner or chaise. Here’s our roundup of which type to choose depending on your space.

2 seater

An ideal sofa for smaller compact spaces, seating two people comfortably. If you have a slightly larger room, then a 2 seater sofa can be a great accompaniment to another sofa. They work well in a bay window or nook as they take up less space than two occasional chairs. 


3 seater

Perfect to stretch out and relax on, these sofas are great for couples or families who enjoy snuggling up together. As well as traditional 3 seaters, we have styles with 2 longer seat and back cushions plus modular options too. If you do have space for a 3 seater, then they often look more generous and inviting than a 2 seater.

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4 seater

Offering plenty of space to comfortably seat 4 people, these sofas are great for families or in homes that entertain a lot.  There are a variety of styles to choose from (and not all typically with 4 seat and back cushions!).  Create a statement with a long bench style 4 seater or a more dynamic choice with 3 seat cushions and a chaise end.

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Maximising your space, corner sofas offer generous seating whilst being a more effective space-saving option than two separate sofas. Corner sofas also invite more social interaction, compared to all sitting in a line!  Place in the corner to one side, or in the middle of a room. In open plan spaces, corner sofas can help to zone a room into functional areas.

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If you love the look of a corner sofa but can’t fit one in your space, this is a great alternative. Some chaises have a similar configuration to an L-shaped sofa but without a backrest on one side. Other chaise styles have an open-end for a more design-led look. Practical, stylish and versatile, chaise sofas offer you space to put your feet up whilst giving you extra seating when you need it.

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They are small but very mighty!  Here’s why, not only do footstools offer great health benefits for easing muscle ache and resting tired feet, but they double up as extra seating when you have guests. You can then put it to one side when you need the extra floor space. This versatile item is ideal for living rooms, hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms - so you’ll get great use out of it too!

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Which fabric should I choose for my sofa?

All our sofas are made to order so you get to pick which fabric you like the best.  Here’s some key considerations when selecting your fabric:

Order swatches

We strongly recommend using our free swatch service so you can select with confidence.  You can order up to 6 for free and they will be delivered to you in 1-2 business days.

Fabric colour

Once you have your swatches in hand, you can assess properly how the colour and texture works within your space and against existing furniture and accessories.

Natural light

When choosing your fabric, consider the colour scheme, style and amount of light within your room. It's important to see how the level of natural light changes during the day and what impact this has on the tone and colour of the fabric.   


A durable choice, perfect for busy households and families. Our high quality aniline leather is the purest most natural leather available with a smooth, soft surface for luxurious comfort.  


A cosy choice offering maximum tactile quality.  A great colour carrier and works extremely well on sofas with straight lines and modern shapes.


The natural fibre of cotton makes it breathable and soft however takes a little more care than synthetic fabrics.  


Known to be more durable than cotton but offering the same breathable quality.  Perfect for a more lived-in, relaxed look.  


Preparing for your sofa delivery


Before placing your order it's important to check for any potential delivery issues, including access for our delivery vehicles. We also need to understand any likely challenges or constraints prior to your delivery, such as narrow stairs or awkward angles. We recommend working through our guide below.

  • Tape measure
  • Pen
  • Notebook

Note down the width, height and depth of your new sofa (these can be found in the product description or fact sheet).


Measure the width of your front door frame and compare this with the height of your sofa, if the width is greater then the sofa will fit through. **Please note some of our sofas are delivered with the legs removed so you may take from 8cm to 20cm off the height. Details of this will be clearly stated within the product description**.

To ensure your sofa can get into your room of choice, measure the width (at the narrowest point) of any areas your sofa will need to pass through including hallways and internal doors. Remember to adjust for any possible obstructions such as built in furniture or radiators. If the widths at the narrowest points are greater than the dimensions of your sofa then it will fit through.


If our delivery team need to take your sofa up a flight of stairs, please measure the width of the staircase, taking any handrails or ceiling lights into account. If your sofa needs to be lifted over a bannister then also check the distance from the bannister to the ceiling. There will need to be enough room at the top of the stairs for our delivery team to navigate and steer the sofa into your room of choice.


If your building has a lift make sure to measure the width of the open doors, height and depth of the lift to ensure the sofa will fit.

IMPORTANT: You must provide a clear route to the room of choice removing any obstacles from the exterior and communal areas. Goods that fail to fit into your property at the point of delivery are your responsibility as we have no control over this.


If you are looking to buy a sofa but concerned that it might not fit through your doorway or stairwell then it's worth considering using our access check service. For an additional fee a trained member of our team will visit your home to measure up, giving you piece of mind before you buy. Get in touch to find out pricing and further details.


We use a specialist furniture home delivery team for all our sofa orders. The crew are experts in handling furniture to make sure your delivery goes as smoothly as possible. This service is a 'white glove' service and includes the following:

  • Confirmation of your two-hour delivery window the working day before your agreed delivery date
  • An estimated time of arrival on the day of delivery (this is a guide not a guarantee due to traffic and possible difficulties in earlier deliveries which are out of our control)
  • Two man delivery team
  • Unpack and position the furniture in the room of your choice
  • Remove and recycle packaging

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