our top 6 must-have lights

our edit of stylish lights which are useful, tactile & clever 

1. case pendant

case pendant by vitamin x someday designs

Our very own in house design co-created with Vitamin.  Case pendant is a great affordable option and can be used simply as a single drop pendant - hung as a bedside light or over your office desk.  Cluster a few together to create a statement chandelier in your hallway or living room or display as a series over a kitchen island. With three finishes to choose from: natural, blush and charcoal and 3 bulb options available you can pick from clear, round opal or the designer tala oblo - each creating their own personality.  All are low energy LED and compatible with dimmers so you can switch up the mood with ease. Prices start from £65.

2. control lamp

control lamp by muuto

Our control lamp by Muuto has neat and compact proportions so a great option as a desk lamp or positioned on a shelf or sideboard.  It has a playful element too - with design references to the tech and industrial world, the light output can be controlled by a dial allowing you to brighten or dim the light as needed. Price £135.

3. pitch pendant

pitch pendant by vitamin

Our pitch pendant by Vitamin is a popular choice. Through innovative design the shade is poised on an internal dome, allowing the outer shade to be positioned to guide light in any direction. Great for accentuating areas of your room or dispersing light at an angle. Price £160.

4. collect lighting

collect lighting series by Ferm Living

Our collect lighting series by ferm LIVING is a clever and interchangeable lighting system allowing you to create your own design combination from a fully compatible 'mix and match' collection of shapes, colours and finishes. You simply select your chosen shade and pair it with one of two socket pendants, have a go here. Prices start from £59 for a disc shade.

5. pull floor lamp

pull floor lamp by muuto

The pull floor lamp designed by Whatswhat for Muuto is a great example of simple, nordic design.  With an adjustable shade that changes both the lamp's light and character, this floor lamp appears to have a personality of its own.  Made from solid oak with a soft textile shade it has a friendly and welcoming appeal.  It's partly visible and partly hidden cord connects the elements and provides the mechanisom to adjust the shade position - allowing you to lower the light output when needed.

6. grain pendant

grain pendant by muuto

Chosen for it's tactile quality the grain pendant brings subtle changes in colour and shade - you can actually see the natural stains and patterns of the material itself which makes it a great option if you're wanting to introduce an element of texture to your scheme.  With its modest proportions, it works well hung as a series over a dining table or kitchen bar.  Price £109.

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