someday meets 2LG Studio

Introducing our new interview series where we chat to inspiring people within the industry to find out more about their lives, interests and aspirations. 

First up are the lovely creative duo Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead of 2LG Studio. Based in South East London, their interior design and styling practice welcomes residential and commercial projects. Taking a personal approach to each; creating beautiful spaces through their distinctive colourful and elegant style.  We're big fans of their work.

Let's see what they had to say..

What are the top three things you enjoy most about your job? 
Every day is different. We get to work together. We get to meet so many amazing people!

What 3 things do you love most about your home?
It’s where Buckley is most comfortable (our dachshund) and we love nothing more than cuddling up with him on the sofa after a long day in the studio. It feels like the centre of our friendship group, we get to host party’s and have big summer BBQ’s. The space. We moved not too long ago to a detached Victorian house and there is room for everything, a study for Russell, huge dressing room for Jordan and a Christmas tree in the bay window!
The house is also the muse for our product design and a place to let us express our design style. We have designed a rug collection for floor story and a wallpaper, cushion and fabric collection for Custhom, both of which were inspired by the house and are on display in the house.
We are deliberately taking our design process for the renovation of the house very slowly, as everything else moves so fast in our lives. It means that every element is unique and born out of the house itself and our imaginations.
2LG at home
What does a typical working day look like for you? 
Every day is so different. It could be client meetings, site visits (we have 5 projects on site at the moment) or days designing in the studio, working on our collaborations with other brands. But largely we rise early, around 6:30, quick breakfast, take Buckley out and feed him. Then spend an hour or so on emails. We are trying to schedule this in so we are not distracted by the constant ping of our emails arriving. Checking in on them 3 times a day to stay on top of things. We always have a cooked lunch if we are in the studio as we find stopping and sharing a meal is always really productive. We usually stop Work around 6/7 and have a couple of hours in front of TV with a glass of wine to wind down. Buckley has an evening walk (if it’s not raining) he hates the rain!
What motivates you each day? 
I think it’s fair to say each other. Also we strive for perfection so it’s easy to keep pushing, working long hours and 7 days a week... it’s switching off we find hard!
We love people and we love making beautiful spaces for people to live and work in. It's so important. 
oyoy pot in 2LG bedroom
Tell us about your dream weekend away - where would you go and why? 
Somewhere sunny, with the dog. We love Italy, and France. Europe in general is great. We also love to spend time with family and friends. This year we are trying to do that much more. The new forest is a favourite spot. And our friends have just got a new place in Cornwall so we are looking forward to lots of weekends walking by the coast with Buckley. We also love downtime at the weekends (when we can fit it in - something we are trying to get better at). This would mean cooking nice meals (all vegan because that's how we roll) doing a bit of gardening (the garden is winning at the moment, but we need to get to grips with it this year) and watching movies on the sofa or episodes of Rupauls Drag Race and Real Housewives. 
What 3 things could you not live without? 
Each other. Buckley. Family and friends. Things are not important to us. The way a room feels is much more important. And the people (and furry people) in our lives. 
What music do you like listening to? 
We don’t agree on this one....
Jordan: I find music distracting... I know that’s odd. I find it hard to concentrate if music is playing.
Russell: I love to listen to music all the time. It helps to focus my mind. I have a background in music as I trained at the Royal Academy and had a successful career as an actor/singer. So I love musicals, but I also love, London Grammar, Christine and the Queens, Bon Iver, Bjork, Radiohead...
Thank you Jordan and Russell - it's been lovely getting to know you better! We look forward to seeing the next reveal of your work.

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