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New Year and a new design partner! We are delighted to welcome Danish design brand, Audo and their iconic sofas to our shop. Audo celebrates the legacy of the influential Danish architects and brothers, Flemming and Mogens Lassen and their furniture designs of the 1930s. They carefully select original designs from the brothers' archive and reintroduced them to the world, alongside new designs. 

To celebrate the launch of Audo at someday, we spoke with their marketing manager, Marianne Bjerre to hear more about the story behind the brand. 

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above: Marianne Bjerre, Audo Marketing Manager 

We are thrilled to have Audo join us at someday designs and are particularly inspired by the story behind by the brand. Can you tell us a bit more about why and when it was founded?

It was founded in 2008 by Nadia Lassen who is a cousin of Mogens Lassen. She was at that time attending Copenhagen Business School and wrote her main assignment about the brother's design heritage and made it into a business case, which then came into fruition in real life.

above: Mingle sofas 

Why do you think Danish design remains so popular in the UK?
People in the UK are very much into traditions and heritage - just like Danish people. Everything that has a story and a long-lasting value is appreciated. Brands and brand value is of high importance in UK.

by Lassen | The Tired Man | made to order from someday designs



As well as celebrating the iconic archive of the Lassen brothers, you also create new complementary pieces for the brand. Can you explain the process you go through when coming up with new ideas?
We have an internal design council that decides which originals to develop and launch. On rare occasions, we use architects to fine tune or interpret an original design, but they are always based on the original drawings with the Lassen DNA. We have a lot of internal decision gates to pass before any product is launched.

above: Ingeborg armchair

What is your favourite by Audo piece at the moment?
At the moment it is My Own Chair (pictured below) by Flemming Lassen. Designed in 1938 it was his own favourite chair until he passed away in 1984. To celebrate the fact he would've turned 120 on the 23rd February 2022, we are launching an exclusive edition of the My Own Chair in Sheepskin Moonlight and walnut solid wood. This is the Rolls Royce among Jaguars, a masculine and sculptural piece of design that will add character to any living room. Each chair will be provided with individual numbering underneath on a brass plate.


How do you think the global pandemic has changed the way we view our homes? Has it changed the way we buy items for them?
I think our homes have become our safe harbour. A place that we spend more and more time and sometimes we are even forced to. Hence we invest more in our homes and put a lot of effort into making them comfy and functional. I think we are investing in more expensive items as we are saving money on dining out and travel. And there is also a tendency to upscale what we already have to something more valuable and of higher quality.

above: Ingeborg sofa, armchair and footstool

How is Audo approaching sustainability and environmentally responsible design?
We primarily manufacture in Denmark and within Europe, which saves a lot on transportation. We also have high demands for how we handle waste and recycle. Our classic designs, high quality craftsmanship and materials also ensure that our products can be passed on from one generation to another.

What's ahead for Audo in 2022?
A series of very interesting product launches and a grand opening of our new showroom in New York. We hope that 2022 will be the year of getting across borders both to the UK and the US.

above: Audo Mingle sofa



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