someday meets Cate St Hill

In our interview series, we chat to inspiring people within the industry to find out more about their lives, interests and aspirations. 

This month, we speak to Cate St Hill, an interiors writer, stylist and designer with a hugely successful blog and social media following. Cate shares our passion for minimal, understated design so we were delighted to chat with her about her love of simple design for everyday living...and we can't help but be a fan of her gorgeous dog, Francis! 

Describe your own interior style.
Simple, understated and timeless. I’m attracted to pared-back, Scandinavian-inspired spaces with neutral, understated decor that becomes a backdrop for everyday life

What 3 things do you love most about your home?
My simple grey IKEA kitchen, it’s the heart of the home. My newly painted dark grey home office, a cosy sanctuary to work from everyday. The large Victorian windows that flood the rooms with light

  cate st hill kitchen   cate st hill kitchen    

What are your top 3 instagram accounts to follow and why?
@han_house A fellow blogger who has become a much-loved friend, Hannah has such a good eye for minimal details and she’s the loveliest person you’ll ever meet

@thedesignchaser For simple yet stunning interiors that are always refreshing and uplifting – Michelle can always style up the perfect shelfie or minimal gallery wall

@homeyohmy Based in sunny Los Angeles, Amy has such a gorgeous, bright white home and I’m always inspired by her simple home styling tips

What does a typical working day look like for you?
Our puppy wakes us up at about 7am and then it’s time for a slow coffee and a cuddle on the sofa; I’m not a morning person so it takes me a while to come to.  After a shower and a bowl of almond milk porridge for breakfast, I’m at my desk upstairs (it’s a short commute working from home!) by 9am. I’m an interiors writer and stylist, so my day will either revolve around creating posts for my blog, styling products for brands, writing articles for design magazines or helping clients with their own redecoration projects, sourcing furniture and developing mood boards. Now that I work from home I always make myself something from scratch for lunch and have a walk in the nearby park with my dog, it’s made such a difference in helping to have a healthy work/life balance. I work until around 6pm then in the evenings I’ll switch off with a new TV series and dinner with my boyfriend before turning in at 11pm. 

What 3 things could you not live without?
My fiance Olivier and my sausage dog Francis, they make the house a home. And the third would be natural daylight, our living area and bedroom above are both south-facing and it creates such a lovely, airy and uplifting space to live in. 

cate st hill living room   cate st hill living room       

Thanks to Cate for chatting with us, you can follow her on social media @catesthill and her blog is a must-visit for a wealth of inspiration on living simply yet stylishly.


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