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This month, we were delighted to chat with Sophie Bush, founder of Warehouse Home, an internationally renowned magazine that provides essential interiors inspiration for every design enthusiast looking to channel vintage, industrial and reclaimed style in their home. Following the success of the magazine, Sophie has gone on to publish her first book, set up an interior design studio and this year launches the brand's paint range. 

We first met Sophie when we were interviewed by her for Warehouse Home. We have not only found her magazine to be a great source of industrial design inspiration, but as a fellow independent business owner and entrepeneur, we have been really inspired by Sophie's passion and drive to turn Warehouse Home into such a global success. 


What Inspired You To Start Your Own Business?
In 2012, I bought my home in a warehouse conversion in East London. Through the process of sourcing furniture, lighting and decorative accessories to suit its original features - exposed brickwork, steel columns, loading bay doors - I realised that the industrial aesthetic was absolutely everywhere. The more I looked, the more I saw the 'loft living' look in hotels, restaurants, and bars and it was clearly available from a huge number of furniture retailers. I had worked in magazines for years and launched two successful ventures for a leading magazine publisher. I left my job in 2014, keen to launch a business of my own and knowing I’d spotted a gap in the market. Having identified the widespread enthusiasm for the New York style ‘loft living’ lifestyle and aesthetic, I had also noted that there was no premium media brand catering for the look and serving as a single point of reference and inspiration. Warehouse Home magazine launched in 2014 and is now read in over 100 countries. In 2017, we published our debut book and launched an interior design studio, working on both commercial and residential projects. 

What Are The Top Three Things You Enjoy Most About Your Job?
I love to learn. And being self-employed is one of the most intensive learning experiences you can undertake. I'm not very good at being idle - running a business certainly keeps you incredibly busy! I genuinely work seven days a week - but fortunately, I love what I do! I also enjoy meeting like-minded creatives - running Warehouse Home has introduced me to inspirational designers, makers and brand heads all over the world. 

What Interior Trends Are You Loving At The Moment?
The popularity of Warehouse Home magazine proves two things. The industrial aesthetic is enduringly and globally popular - it certainly isn't a passing trend. It's also highly adaptable and can be interpreted in any number of ways; from the use of original vintage industrial pieces to raw contemporary designs in concrete and innovative new materials like resin and rubber. In Warehouse Home magazine, we celebrate the unlimited possibilities of modern day loft living, showing how the latest trends like terrazzo, jesmonite, raw-edge timber etc. can all be successfully incorporated into an industrial inspired scheme. The industrial aesthetic is so versatile, it will never go out of fashion!

Who Do You Find The Most Inspirational In The Interior Industry And Why?
Sir Terence Conran is an iconic British designer and a personal hero of mine. I am very proud to say Sir Terence has been a long-standing supporter of Warehouse Home and contributed a heartfelt article for our launch issue on the importance of protecting and restoring old industrial buildings. It was his vision that ensured several of London's most historically significant warehouses were saved from dereliction and demolition in the 1980s and 90s. For over 50 years, his name has been synonymous with design, but he is also an extremely successful restaurateur and author. He continues to work exceptionally hard and for that too, for me, he is a true inspiration. 

Where Do You Take Inspiration From?
All around me. Warehouse living, the industrial aesthetic, is a true passion of mine. I still live in the apartment that first inspired Warehouse Home. I owe it a great deal - a successful business that gives me a huge amount of enjoyment and pride - and it continues to inspire me every day. And when I leave home, everywhere I go I see evidence of the industrial aesthetic's enduring and growing popularity. 

What Does A Typical Working Day Look Like For You?
There isn't one! And that's precisely what I love about running Warehouse Home.

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