stockholm | summer '16

Following a recent trip to Stockholm, I think we may well have left our hearts there! Having visited before on a number of retail buying trips, arriving with no agenda other than to explore and do as we wished, felt like we were seeing the city through new eyes.

With its old town, parks, oh so stylish shops, cafes and well just about everyone who lives there.. it oozes cool but in such an effortless way.

We loved the support of home grown Scandinavian brands.  Whether you were in a big department store or in a tiny boutique you were never far from some of our favourites;  muuto, ferm living, hay, menu, sagaform, by lassen, gabi, marimekko, normann copenhagen, littala, string, broste..just endless.   Our creative heads were brimming with ideas ready for a new season's development of interior wares.

On the eastern side of Sodermalm we came across a great fashion and interior store called grandpa, unlike its namesake it has a fresh, youthful feel but with that same timeless style that the Swede's offer instinctively.  Even in the height of summer we couldn't resist buying a jumper - ridiculous really, but when the cold weather sets in, I think we'll be rather smug (and snug).

We left feeling inspired and in wonder of their laid back lifestyle, promising that we too would strive to return with the right life, work and home balance. We even discussed the possibility of moving there...someday...

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