think pink

Pink has become a widely used colour in interiors, especially after the heady heights of 2016 when Pantone named it their colour of the year. Becoming coined as 'Millennial Pink' where it entered the new era of gender-neutral territory, it is now widely considered a staple shade of the neutral family as it can be so easily paired with any colour.

how to use pink in your home? 

Let's take a look... you could go for a bright pink as a colour accent on a chair, cushion or light.  Alternatively you might opt for a nude pink on a sofa, rug or wall paint.  Either way, pink can bring a sense of warmth and optimism to your home and works really well in living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms.  It makes a gorgeous colour complement to neutrals and a playful colour pop against greens, reds and yellows.

Try a dusty pink sofa like this Connect modular 2 seater sofa by Muuto in Steelcut Trio 515 fabric.


Our Case Pendant in collaboration with Vitamin. A hint of blush pink in an neutral & minimalist bathroom.


Add warmth to your space with subtle pink shades in this pale rose Pebble rug by Muuto.


Make a colour statement with this pink Diffuser floor lamp by houseof.


which colours should you pair with pink? 

The key is to look at the undertones.  If your choice of pink is on the 'cooler' side, so has blue or grey undertones, then stick to that part of the colour wheel.  And similarly if your scheme uses a warmer, blush pink then combine it with equally warm hues.  

the psychology behind the colour pink

It can be a contradictory colour depending on your culture.  Sometimes perceived as a female or childish colour, in other traditions it is linked to masculinity and strength. 

Its warm and rich tone invites intimacy
and a cosy, cocooning effect in interiors, especially if you layer different shades of pink and combine with natural materials.

Pink is linked to tenderness and consideration creating a thoughtful and gentle feeling in your home as opposed to red which is associated with passion.

Thought to evoke a calming effect
on people, it can be a great way to bring a sense of relaxation to your interiors.

Brighter tones of pink have been linked to optimism and hope, creating a light and cheery atmosphere in your home.

Pairing pink with black and cream accents creates a modern, moody scheme and will help 'ground' the space through the colour contrast.