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In Conversation With Emily Mayne

Emily Mayne

Earlier this month Wrap London visited our home and we chatted fashion, starting up a business and what we get up to each on to see their full interview with me 

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Having worked in the design and interior industry for years Emily has always wanted to start up her own business. We found out all about Emily's brand and what it takes to run your own company!

Can you tell us about yourself and your business Someday Designs?

I am Emily, I'm 35 years old and live in Greenwich with my husband Paul and our
2-year-old son Teddy. My background is in homeware buying and product design so it
felt a natural extension to set up my online interiors and lifestyle store, Someday
Designs, which I launched this time last year. We sell furniture, lighting and home
accessories all with a minimal design aesthetic; taking inspiration from Scandinavian
and Japanese interiors.
It's important to me that we are more than just a retailer though. We are a
collaborator and a maker too. So the site features pieces from new and established
brands alongside the recent launch of our first in-house sofa collection.

We love your gorgeous new sofa collection. What fabrics do you use and why?

We wanted to make shopping sofas really simple, easy and affordable - with so much
choice out there it can be quite overwhelming. So we've edited it all down for you with
a handpicked selection of fabrics that best suit the shape and design of each sofa -
whether that be a brushed cotton for softness or a washed linen for that more
understated, lived-in look. All our fabrics are made from natural materials and are of
the highest quality, meaning they are durable, practical and will age beautifully.

Emily Mayne

Where does your passion for design and interiors come from?

I've worked in the interior industry for the last 17 years and have been fortunate enough
to have worked with some very talented and inspiring people. My true love is in product
design and sourcing, particularly working on items such as lighting and furniture as
they are such considered purchases and often the items people love and treasure the
longest. To see a light fitting or sofa in someone's home that I have designed gives me
the greatest sense of achievement. Plus, I love how design and spaces can have such a
positive impact on our daily lives. You know a room is working for you when you feel
relaxed and most at home there.

Emily Mayne

How would you describe your work?

It's actually really varied as not having a team means everything has to be done by me.
Sometimes I'm a product designer, sometimes I'm a marketeer other days I'm trying to
decipher web coding. I love this variety though. I'd say the most important part of my
job is in the relationships I build. So much of what I have achieved has been thanks to
past and new relationships. As a start-up, it's essential to get people on board who
believe in your potential and support what you do.

Emily Mayne

Where do you draw inspiration from when working?

All over! The obvious places are from fashion mags or trade shows but I love having a
nosey at markets and independent pop ups too as you're always guaranteed to find a new

What gave you the courage to start up your own business and what advice
would you give to those thinking about doing the same?

I'd been thinking of starting up on my own for a long, long time but was always too
nervous to take the leap of faith. I suppose our 2-year base in Australia a few years ago
really inspired me. Working alongside small business owners with a real entrepreneurial
attitude made me realise there is never a right time, you just have to have a go and often
learn as you go!
Having our son Teddy was also a deciding factor. My previous career required long
hours and lots of international travel so that working life didn't suit us anymore.
Running my own company allows me to take a bit of control back and provides better
flexibility for me as a working mum.
My advice would be to start up a business which reflects your talents, interests and
experience. It can be all-consuming at times so working within an industry you love
should help provide the motivation and energy to make it happen.

Emily Mayne

What does a typical working day look like for you?

On a Monday and Friday, it's all a bit of a scramble as I have Teddy with me but on the
days he goes to our childminder I get to start work around 8.30am and aim to focus my
mornings on getting orders out and responding to as many quotes, invoices and
enquiries as I can by lunch.
I've recently started a mindfulness course and I'm trying to introduce a lunchtime
meditation. One to ensure I stop for lunch (!) and secondly to re-focus me for the
afternoon, which is generally spent speaking with my design partners, working on new
collaborations, editing the site or out on appointments. Working from home can feel
quite isolating so I try to do as many face to face meetings as possible, whether in town
or at the house - more and more our home is becoming an open studio which is really
working and I love the more personal approach.

Emily Mayne

How do you make your clothes work for you and your busy lifestyle?

I value comfort and investment pieces, making sure they all work together so I don't
have to think too much about each outfit!

Who/what inspires your everyday style?

I like to buy minimal, classic pieces which are versatile - I love Emma Hill for her
effortless style and Erna Leon from Mercer7 with her timeless easy-to-wear edits.

What are your go-to wardrobe staples?

I generally wear jeans, a jumpsuit or draped trousers with either a cosy knit for winter or
with a simple t-shirt for summer. Each can then be dressed up with a blazer or heeled
boots if I'm heading out or hosting a meeting.

And finally... 
If I wasn't running Someday Designs... I've always quite fancied writing a book.
My favourite London hangout... Greenwich Park.
Words to live by... Be kind.
My ideal breakfast... Poached eggs with avo on toast, every time!
My day isn't complete until... Teddy's asleep, the candles are lit and the feet are up.
The best thing about my job... I can work anywhere and anytime. 

Shop the full collection here >
Photography by Jutta Klee @juttaklee

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