someday meets Louise Boyce

Louise Boyce is a busy lady - mother of 3, a model of 25 years, a multi award-winning content creator and most recently a Sunday Times best selling author!

We were delighted to work with Louise and her husband Jesse, to find them the perfect sofa for their newly renovated home. We chat with Louise below about what they chose, their renovation story and advice for anyone considering taking on a building project.

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You have recently completed a major house renovation project, tell us how you have found the experience?

A huge roller coaster of emotions! Excitement, disbelief, naïve, scared, worried, happy… I have spent the last six months wondering if we can afford it (the cost of living and contractor prices have soared since we started the build) and trying to juggle 3 kids, a full time job, writing a book, house work and building a house has been extremely stressful at times.  It’s a miracle my husband and I are still talking to each other to be honest!  I thought I would enjoy the picking out tiles and making decision on the kitchen and bathrooms more than I did, but with so many choices to make and so many options to choose from it becomes really overwhelming.  We have made around 3000 choices on the build from start to finish! That’s a lot of decisions to make (and agree on!).  But now that we can walk around the house and reap the benefits of what we have sown it does make it all worth while.  Massive mention to our contractors Totus and architects Mitchell Evans who have been 110% brilliant throughout the entire build and to Jesse my husband who has been very organised with his spreadsheets and excellent Google sourcing to find the best prices (even if it means choosing a company in Romania!). Having a good team is key… but I don’t want to do this again for a long time!

How would you describe your interiors style? What inspires and influences you? 

I love traditional Edwardian/Victorian interiors so it was really important for us to put back some original features that were ripped out by the previous owners.  We have put back cornicing, ceiling roses, corbels, and original fireplaces and tiling to respect the era of the house – and I’ve got to say it looks fantastic and it feels great to put dignity back into the house. The original part of the house is more traditional than the new extension which is more contemporary.  It really is a mix – and it works somehow! I am influenced a lot by some interior accounts on Instagram, Pinterest and I shoot in a lot of location homes that are so beautiful – these really inspire me.

What’s your favourite room in your newly renovated home? 

My office! I know this sounds really weird but I’ve never had my own space to work and feel organised and it is so needed!  For as long as I can remember I’ve been working on my laptop hopping from bedroom to lounge to kids room – even writing the book I had to sit in the car!  So the office will be my work sanctuary and as it’s all mine I have made it pink and really girly – something that I can’t really have in any other room.  After this is the new downstairs loo.  We have got stunning black and white checker tiles from Bert and May, a Thomas Crapper loo, sink and radiator with a personalised cistern saying ‘Stay on Target’ and flamingo wallpaper.  It’s a bit wacky but we love it.  This loo will get a lot of traffic so may as well make it one to remember!

We love your new Muuto Outline sofa from our shop! Tell us why you chose this design and what you love about it?

LOVE LOVE LOVE this sofa.  Oh my gosh she is beautiful,  We loved the colour, material, the large size that fits perfectly into our living room, the chicness of it and the delivery time! It literally ticked every box – and as we know leather ages well which bodes well with 3 kids!

What would be your one piece of advice for anyone considering a house renovation?

Gosh I’m not sure there is just one piece of advice – but I would say this – it will be more expensive than you think so make sure you have extra ways to find cash. Also try not to talk about the house renovation with your partner every day. I was sick of talking about it and making decisions all the time – I had to specifically tell my husband that on certain days or on date nights we don’t talk about it. It can consume your entire life – and our lives are more than a house renovation. 

Congratulations on the launch of your new book and all the success it has seen so far - can you tell us a bit more about it? 

Oh my gosh this is so exciting! I still can’t believe I managed to write a book and build a house at the same time (remind me to never do this again). The book is about the lighter comedic side to motherhood starting in September and finishing in August.  Each chapter is a month of what we endure as parents and carers whether it’s first day of school, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, inset days, cake sales, parent WhatsApp chats, husbands being annoying… it has it all, but written in a comedic and LOL way that we can all relate to and feel normal in the mundane side of motherhood.  If you’re familiar with my parenting videos on social media it’s just the same but in writing.  It’s a great gift to yourself or a fellow mother. 

Sunday Times Bestseller!

Louise's book is out now and has been crowned a Sunday Times top 10 bestseller.

Available as a hardback and audio book.

What’s next in store for you? Can you share any details of current or future projects you are working on? 

There are a few projects in the pipeline that I can’t quite say just yet but watch this space!

Thanks so much for talking with us Louise, you've been a dream to work with! You can follow Louise @mamastillgotit and their home renovation account for lots of interior inspiration @homeofboyce

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