someday meets Normann Copenhagen

We were so delighted when Normann Copenhagen approached us earlier in the year to become their latest UK stockist. We have always loved the brand, having been loyal customers of their designs ourselves. So it felt great to meet with them and launch a partnership together.

Founded in Denmark in 1999 by Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen, Normann Copenhagen is an international design brand rooted in Danish design traditions. Their pieces are defined by clean lines with a playful twist and crafted with an emphasis on quality and durability. 

To celebrate the launch and welcome Normann Copenhagen at someday, we spoke with the founders Jan and Poul to hear more about what inspires and influences them plus all the news on what's ahead for this brand in 2024.

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How does Normann Copenhagen balance functionality and aesthetics in its furniture pieces?

Poul: The two go hand I hand. One doesn’t exist without the other, otherwise we haven’t succeeded. Design is for people, so the final result needs to be convenient to use and aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Jan: It’s about finding the sweet spot where functionality and aesthetics meet in a design that encompasses the Normann Copenhagen design DNA of clean lines with a playful twist. 

Why do you think Danish design remains so popular in the UK?

Jan: Danish design has garnered global popularity, which I think is due to the focus on high quality, long-lasting materials and simplistic silhouettes. A combination which ensures timelessness in terms of both longevity and aesthetics.

pine table
Normann Copenhagen Pix Pendant Lamp. Shop online at someday designs

How are Normann Copenhagen approaching sustainability and environmentally responsible design?

Poul: It’s an ongoing process for us. Our approach is guided by what has been our DNA for 25 years: Challenging conventional thinking, something which in light of the increased focus on sustainability has taken on new meanings in recent years. Now, it also means an innovative perspective on materials, challenging existing production methods and considering the design’s entire life cycle, from sourcing to end-of-life management. Sustainability is a standard consideration in our decision process throughout every department in the company. We are on a journey, learning and growing along the way, and our aim is to communicate that in an honest, transparent way.

Jan: On a product level, we have a skilled in-house sourcing team that work hard to challenge the material norms within the industry, always looking to new, innovative materials that could substitute regular ones. For instance, we have a series of products made using plastic waste, and now also a chair crafted primarily from hemp.

What is your favourite piece in your collection at the moment? 

Poul: Whenever I’m asked this question, I say the Norm69 Lamp. It was the first lamp under the Normann Copenhagen brand, so it’s what catapulted the brand into the design industry and it’s still one of our best-selling products. 

Jan: I usually say the Form Chair, since some might call it a Normann Copenhagen icon by now, but I feel like I want to also mention our new Mat Chair. I’m very proud of what we have achieved with this collection, an idea which began over 20 years ago, and now has become a reality. The skills we have had to develop to understand how to shape the material of hemp into a shell chair design have been such a long, rewarding process, and I’m very happy about the final result. 

What does your own home look like? Describe your own interior style

Poul: I am fond of good, high-quality design that will last for generations, and I’m also not afraid of implementing colour. Naturally, I have a lot of Normann Copenhagen designs in my home, mixed with some Italian design favourites and carefully selected art pieces, which is a big hobby of mine. 

Jan: We share the hobby of art collecting, so that’s something that’s very evident in my home as well. Besides that, my home can probably be defined by clean, minimalistic lines with an emphasis on natural materials. I, too, live with a lot of Normann Copenhagen designs. 

Normann Copenhagen Phantom Pendant. Shop online at someday designs. #size_small
Normann Copenhagen Form Chair Steel at someday designs #colour_light-grey

How do you stay true to your Scandinavian design heritage while also adapting to modern trends?

Jan: I think Scandinavian design is all about not conforming to seasonal trends, but staying true to the timeless, classic lines that always work, and using good craftsmanship and enduring materials. Of course, we evolve as a brand, but we try not to buy into short-term trends. It doesn’t align with what we stand for as a furniture brand.

Poul: Our vision is to create original products in a contemporary design that withstand the test of time. Some Danish classics are still as relevant today as when they were designed decades ago. For example the Norm69 Lamp I mentioned earlier, was originally designed by Simon Karkov in 1969. But it’s design is still modern and relevant today. In fact, it looks like it could have been designed in 2024! So like Jan said, Danish design is very much known for timeless silhouettes that will stay relevant for generations. 

What trends or innovations do you anticipate will shape the interiors industry in the future?

Poul: I think we both very strongly believe that challenging the conventional materials used in the furniture industry will play a huge part. 

Jan: That’s one of the reasons why we believe so strongly in the new Mat Chair collection. 

Normann Copenhagen Turn Table at someday designs. #colour_white-marble
Normann Copenhagen Eddy Table Lamp. Free UK delivery at someday designs. #colour_grey

How does the brand integrate diverse cultural influences into its designs while maintaining its Scandinavian identity?

Poul: We are a Danish design brand, but we have always drawn on influences from the realms of art, architecture, fashion and culture. In my opinion, the influences from other cultures can be evident in a design, while still offering the characteristic Danish design aesthetic with clean lines and honest materials. 

Jan: Examples could be the Puff Lamp collection. Clearly inspired by the traditional Japanese rice paper lamps, the collection stays true to simple lines, but infused with an element of playfulness. A clear example of the Normann Copenhagen design DNA. We have an in-house design studio with designers and design interns from a diversity of different cultures. Also, we work with external designers from all over the world. This of course has an impact on the cultural references in our designs. 

Normann Copenhagen Jam Bookcase at someday designs. #size_6-poles

What inspires and influences the brand’s creative process?

Jan: Like Poul mentioned, we have always drawn inspiration from other industries. Particularly art, architecture and fashion have always played a role in our creative process, both in terms of new designs, the brand’s visual identity, visual merchandising and so on. 

Are you exploring any innovative materials that push the boundaries of furniture design?

Poul: This is one of the main priorities for us! It’s something our design studio are working very intensely on every day. The Mat Chair collection we talked about earlier is our newest example of this. We strongly believe that with Mat Chair, we are showing the industry that it is possible to take a step in a more responsible direction by considering other materials than the industry norm. 

Jan: And it’s a place where we see Normann Copenhagen can make a difference. We’re not afraid of taking a chance, trying something new. I think we mentioned previously that courage is one of our core values, so when an interesting opportunity comes along, particularly within production or material innovation, we go for it! 


What’s ahead for Normann Copenhagen in 2024?

Jan: It’s our 25-year anniversary!

Poul: I can’t believe it’s been 25 years since we founded this brand. 

Jan: It’s crazy. We will be having a huge anniversary party for this year’s 3daysofdesign festival in Copenhagen, where we will also be presenting a lineup of new, exciting designs. We can’t wait to show you!

Poul: Stay tuned!