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It's easy these days to find beautiful, inspiring images of hallways on Pinterest, but not so easy to know where to buy the featured furniture or homewares from. 

So, we're here to help with ideas and inspiration for making an impact with your entrance hall, and a shopping edit of our favourite hallway pieces that will suit all interior styles and tastes.

The hallway is often an overlooked space, too often a cluttered display of shoes, coats and discarded post. No more.  It's the first impression any visitor has of your home so let's make it count.

We believe there are 5 essential pieces that should feature in any hallway, here's why:

  1. mirror - great for reflecting light and creating an illusion of more space, especially if you have a dark, small hallway with little natural light
  2. rug - adds texture and a welcoming warmth to an area
  3. storage unit/console/bench - ideal for creating an organised, clutter free hallway
  4. artwork - introduces colour and personality
  5. lighting - can provide an interesting focal point and necessary ambience. 

In an ideal world we would all have large, expansive hallways but we are realists too and understand that space comes at a premium, so if you have a more small, compact entrance then try to incorporate 2-3 of the above.  The right lighting and mirror can really maximise and brighten a small (often dark) hallway.

So, here's three key interior trends - find which one suits your style and then shop the look underneath.  Easy.



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From the top, left to right:


                 Cred: bloglovin'   Cred: pinterest   Cred: apartmenttherapy.com

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From the top, left to right:


                Cred: pinterest   Cred: ispydiy_doors   Cred: apartmenttherapy.com

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