Poiat is a Helsinki-based architecture and design office established in 2010. It designs objects and interiors - from private homes and corporate headquarters to retail spaces, restaurants, cafés and furnitures. In 2014 Poiat launched its own furniture collection.

Founders Antti Rouhunkoski, Timo Mikkonen and Marco Rodriques have a simple philosophy of design: creating a strong atmosphere and vision. Aesthetics - the fact that something is beautiful, can outweigh functionalism if something simply feels good.

"Our aim is always to create spatial experience and integrated spaces that are atmospherically unique. Material, with layers of history and visual cultures, bold but long-lasting, classic yet lively". 

Poiat´s award-winning and internationally-recognised Lavitta collection of tables and chairs is being sold in more than 10 countries. The fundamental elements of the collection are quality materials and the quiet luxury of beautiful forms. 

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