puik, pronounced 'pa-owk' is a contemporary Dutch design brand founded by Freek Claessen and Daan Gescher, who are passionate about making design personal.

Their carefully curated collection features only the very best furniture and lighting by the Dutch design's finest. Each piece is original, produced sustainably and made of high quality materials.

Based in Amsterdam, puik work with a diverse portfolio of Dutch design icons including the likes of Frederik Roijé, Lex Pott and Ilias Ernst. 

how it all started

Freek and Daan have always had a passion for art and design. In 2012, they found themselves inspired by the quality and the enthusiasm of Dutch designers, which fuelled the spark to set up puik.

Under the guidance of art director Tineke Beunders (Ontwerpduo), their unique designs come into their own, by using natural light and reflection, soft colour tones and transparent materials.

Their ongoing ambition is to introduce the world to the very best of Dutch contemporary design.

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